Taking Staff Portraits? 5 Planning Tips For A Great Result

Business portraits are meant to not only help clients learn more about the people they will be working with, but also to convey a message about your business. So before you bring in a portrait photographer and start lining up your staff for pictures, go over a few basic guidelines to follow. Here are five key ways to get the most from your head shots. 1. Wear Solid Colors Logos, words, stripes, checks, and other patterns can come out looking bad when photographed and edited for the correct head shot size. [Read More]

How To Find A Video Production Company You Can Work With

Working with a video production services provider should be a source of excitement, but you'll also want to know that you and the professionals you'll be dealing with will be on the same page. Every company has strengths and weaknesses, and it's a good idea to ask questions and take a closer look at the items they've produced. With an investment of a little effort at the beginning of the process, you'll likely end up with better results in the long run. [Read More]

Suggestions For Shooting Wedding Photos In And Around Traffic

There are plenty of wedding photographers who shoot their subjects in metropolitan areas, and this can invite the idea of having your bride and groom stand on the street while you snap some frames. The result can be a powerful image, especially if you keep the shutter open long enough that the passing cars provide a blur effect. There are a few potential issues with shooting photos in this setting, however, so you'll want to take the necessary steps to ensure that everything goes off as intended. [Read More]

Need A Wedding Photographer And You Don't Know Where To Start? Places To Preview Their Work

Wedding planning is an overwhelming thing. Every aspect of this one big day has to be hand-selected by you. Even if you hire a wedding planner, you still have to meet with the various caterers, cake bakers, DJs, etc., that the planner selects for you. One very big important part of documenting this day is your wedding photography and photographer. If you do not even know where to start with this task, nor do you know where and how you  can preview the body of work that each photographer has, here are some ideas to get you started. [Read More]