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Three Bathtub Boudoir Photo Ideas

When you book a boudoir photo shoot with a local photographer who specializes in this type of photography, you'll want to think carefully about how you want your photos to look. Your photographer can offer you some suggestions if you're stumped, but coming up with some ideas on your own can be exciting. One setting that is often available for these photo shoots is a luxurious bathtub, which presents you with numerous creative ways to pose. Here are some photo options that may appeal to you and that you may wish to discuss with your boudoir photographer.


A fun way to pose in a bathtub for your boudoir photo shoot is to use bubbles. If you're using a real bathtub that you can fill with water — perhaps in the photographer's studio or maybe even in your own home — you can get into the tub and use a large amount of bubble bath to create bubbles all around you. You and your photographer can position the bubbles strategically to cover as much of your body as you want. You can then pose however you'd like, whether it's with a sultry expression or like you're having fun and playing with the bubbles.

Getting In

Another photo option to consider when you want to have a bathtub in your boudoir photo shoot is to pose as though you're getting into the tub. There are all sorts of ways to create this type of photo. For example, you might dress in a soft and luxurious robe and stand facing the tub with your head turned to look back at the photographer. Depending on your level of comfort with showing your body, you might like the idea of posing as though you're starting to remove the robe before you step into the water.


Many people enjoy lighting candles when they have a bath, and this flickering light in a dark room can create a stylish and somewhat mysterious feel to recreate for your boudoir photo shoot. Lit candles around the tub in an environment that is otherwise dark allow your photographer to work with shadows and silhouettes. For example, you might want a photo in which the outline of your body is visible, rather than a shot in which your features are more evident. Discuss these and other bathtub ideas when you contact a local boudoir photographer to arrange your photo shoot.

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