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Hire A Corporate Photographer For These Events

When you need some photos taken for any reason at work, it can be tempting to grab your smartphone, open the camera app, and begin snapping images. Doing so can be advantageous because of its ease and lack of expense, but you may be unhappy with the end results. If you're anticipating a workplace event from which you want to get photos, you should think about hiring a corporate photographer. Any corporate photographer will be able to show you a portfolio of images from events similar to yours, which can help you to find the right person to document the event. Here are three events for which you'll want to hire a professional.

Awards Presentation

Many companies have annual banquets in which they present awards to employees and celebrate in other ways. Not only can it be a nuisance to try to shoot photos of this event with your smartphone when you're already busy, but the lighting in banquet halls can be a hurdle that is difficult for the amateur to overcome. For the deserving recipients of the awards, a proper photo taken during the presentation will be a valuable keepsake, so you want to ensure that you have a corporate photographer on hand to shoot these images.

Company Volunteering

Many companies lend a hand to charitable causes in their communities both as a way to genuinely give back and as a way to boost their reputation in the area. When you've decided to have your workforce contribute in such a manner, it's definitely valuable to have a photographer with you to document the occasion. For example, if you're taking part in a spring cleanup venture in which your staff will be working in a local park to remove garbage, you'll appreciate a series of photos that capture this outing.

Team Building

Team-building activities can energize your staff and make everyone more committed to the company's goals. Team building can take many forms, but you'll often go off-site for activities of this nature. For example, a common site for team-building activities is a park that has a ropes course and offers other physical challenges. Ensuring that you have a photographer who goes along with your group on this outing will mean that none of the action will be missed. Photos of people crossing tightropes high in the trees, for example, are valuable keepsakes that may also be suitable to frame in the office.