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Kid Photo Backdrop Ideas

Do you want something different than a plain white or neutral gray kid photo backdrop? If the same old standard background isn't enough for your photos, you can up the aesthetic ante with a few fun-filled picture picks. If you're not sure where to start, take a look at the easy ways to get creative with children's photography.

Play With Color

Neutrals have a place in portrait photography. If you want to highlight the subject (in other words, the child) or create multiple photos of different people that all look uniform, a plain, neutral backdrop is an option to explore. But if you want to create an imaginative, playful aesthetic, consider a bold pop of color. Along with solid color backdrops, you can also create multi-hued options. These include a panel style backdrop with two opposing tones, stripes, or a rainbow of colors.

Whether you choose a bold blue, pop of pink, or any other color, think about how the child and their outfit will look against the hue. If the child's clothes are already a bright hue, they'll fade into a backdrop of the same color.

Play With Pattern

You may like the idea of bold colors, but you can't choose just one hue. Again, stripes provide you with a way to combine colors into one kids' backdrop for photos. However, it's not the only way to play with patterns. From polka dots to repeating animal images, you can dress up a backdrop with almost any type of pattern available.

Before you select a patterned option for a child's portrait, consider the subject and how they'll look against the background. A highly-patterned backdrop can draw the eye away from the child or make it difficult to focus on the photo. Instead of a busy pattern, choose a simple design that complements the picture's color palette.

Play With Texture

There's no rule saying the backdrop has to feature a solid color or sleek, smooth pattern. Use a textured background to add visual interest and depth to the picture. Like with color and pattern, don't go overboard with textures. Multiple textures or a dramatic texture can take over the photo. But a bubbly effect, ripples, a water-like design, or overlapping edges of smaller shapes can give the child's portrait a creative look that stands out.

Play With Theme

Is the child an animal enthusiast? Do they play with trains or trucks 24-7? If so, you can add a themed backdrop that projects the child's interests. This makes the photo shoot more fun for the child and helps you to create a personalized photo with a custom design.