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Accessories That Will Improve Your Vlogging

Vlogging can be an exciting pastime to pursue, whether you want to document your travels, your job, or just things that you do around the house. If you own a digital camera, there's a good chance that you can record video with it — which means that you're one step closer to being able to produce your first vlog. It can be useful to invest in a few simple accessories, however, and a visit to a camera accessories store in your city will give you access to the gear that you need. Here are some accessories that can improve the quality of your vlogs.

Directional Microphone

While your camera has a small built-in microphone, it can sometimes fail to produce the high-quality sound that you want for your vlogs. This can especially be true if you're vlogging outdoors, as you'll commonly find that even a slight breeze can drown out the sound of your voice. An important accessory to purchase is a directional microphone, which plugs into one of your camera's ports and easily mounts to the top of the camera. This type of microphone will aim toward you when you're facing the camera and will pick up the sound of your voice while largely blocking out competing sounds such as the wind.

LED Light

You might occasionally find yourself vlogging in low-light situations. For example, if you'll be doing a travel vlog, a clip of you arriving at the airport before dawn might be something that you try. Video clips that lack light can look grainy and low-quality, which may be frustrating to notice after you've spent some time capturing a clip in the dark. To improve the look of these clips, you'll want an LED light. There are many accessories of this nature on the market. They typically mount to your camera's hot shoe and will thoroughly brighten you and the environment around you.

Camera Grip

It's possible to hold the body of your camera while you record vlog content, but another option is to connect a grip to it that you can hold. You may find that doing so makes holding the camera easier, especially when you're using it for extended periods and may also be helpful for keeping it steadier. There are all sorts of camera grips on the market. They'll typically screw into the tripod mount at the base of your camera. Each of these camera accessories can dramatically improve the quality of your vlog content.

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