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4 Advantages Of A Professional Broadcast Studio For Web-Based Shows

As you plan out a new web-based show for streaming platforms, the location can make a big difference in the quality of the show. Just because you chose to air on the web as opposed to traditional broadcast doesn't mean you should change the quality of your production.

Learn about four advantages of using a video production studio and how you can improve your web show.

1. Professional Lighting

Studio lighting provides clear visuals and many options for creating lightning scenarios for your production. Low-lighting situations can result in grainy footage and lower quality. As 4K quality advances, professional lighting is the best option for clear video feeds. If someone watches a web show on a phone or tablet, proper lighting and clarity become essential.

With the professional lighting, you can program settings in and have a set-up to remain consistent each time you shoot your show.

2. Alternate Camera Angles

A lot of web shows only rely on a single camera or cell phone to capture footage. A video production studio gives you the opportunity to shoot from multiple angles and provide alternate options for your show. You can choose to have a producer operate the cameras live as the footage records or record all of the separate angles and edit the footage together after.

The more you record your show, the more you will learn to play around with different camera angles to create unique perspectives and provide different visuals.

3. Special Effects

Video studios give you the chance to really branch out with special effects and graphics. A professionally lit green screen can be used for superimposed background, special effects, and other footage used with the show.

If you host a talk show, then you can rely on live graphical overlays to display viewer information including the names of people on-screen or a scrolling ticker-tape on the bottom of the screen. If you have visual ideas for your show, a production studio can help make the ideas a reality.

4. Future Potential

When you start off your show with a professional production, you can take things to the next level by leaving things open for the future. For example, if a cable network wants to air your show, then you will not have to make any changes if you're already recording to the broadcast standards.

If you are expanding your audience, a professional look will go a long way in building fans for your programming.

Before you start filming a show, take the time to plan out your production goals and how a video production studio can improve every aspect of the final product.