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How To Get The Best Headshots You Possibly Can

Deciding to pursue a career in acting can be an adventure. Headshots are part of the reason you will land jobs. Casting directors' first impression of you is from your headshot, so they should look as much like you as possible while bringing out your best qualities.

Even if you aren't an actor, but a real estate agent or another professional who needs headshots for business cards or websites, having a great-looking headshot can make all the difference.

If you follow these tips, you can get the best possible headshots to help ensure you will get more auditions and bookings.

Hire A Professional Headshot Photographer

A lot of people think they can save time and money by doing their own headshots or having a friend take the picture for them. This can be a big mistake. Hire a professional photographer to take your headshot pictures instead. Headshot photography takes training and a keen eye. A person who gets how lighting effects it's subject and who knows how to find the best angles and poses for you.

Professionally done headshots stand out from ones you do yourself. Casting directors and business partners will notice.

Don't Use Filters Or Airbrush The Headshot

It might be tempting to use filters or airbrushing to make yourself look younger or have larger eyes than you actually do. The point of a headshot is to let casting directors see what you actually look like, even if you have wrinkles or are not as young as you would like to be. You aren't going to win jobs and may not even get past the initial interview if your headshot doesn't look like you as you are.

The Right Lighting And Background

In order to get a good headshot that stands out from the hundreds of others casting directors see, pay attention to how the picture is framed and to what the lighting and background are like. You are supposed to be the focus of the picture, not the garden behind you or a funny and bright backdrop. You don't want the casting director's attention to drift away from you. Your image should draw them into your face.

Also, pay attention to how the image is framed. Head and shoulder shots are typically the best, with good lighting and no shadows on your face. When you choose the photographs from the range of pictures that will be taken, don't take the ones that are extremely close up. Also, make sure your eyes and face are in focus.

To learn more about headshot photography, contact photographers in your area.