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Dos And Don'ts Of Painting Your Belly Before Having Maternity Photos Taken

One type of maternity photo shoot that many women favor is one in which they get their belly painted with an image that reflects their excitement about their soon-to-be-born child. If you're considering various maternity photographers who serve your community, you'll probably see images of this nature in their online portfolios. Planning this type of photo shoot can be an exciting time, but it's a good idea to consider the following dos and don'ts before you move forward.

Do: Get The Work Done By A Professional

If you're on a budget, there might be a part of you that considers painting your belly yourself or having your spouse or a different family member do the work for you. Generally, however, you're going to be happier with the end result when you hire an actual artist. Much in the same manner as cake decorators do a far better job than you could do yourself, a baby bump painted by an artist will give you a look that makes you happy.

Don't: Get Outlandish

If you're a creative person, you might have a grand idea for the artwork but not necessarily stop to think whether it will appeal to other people. While it's partially true that you're having these photos taken for yourself, you'll also likely be sharing them on social media, as well as distributing copies by mail to family and friends. If you're on the fence about whether your initial idea will be appropriate, you may want to tone things down a little.

Do: Match Your Attire

While your primary focus might be on the artwork on your tummy, don't forget to think about what attire will be appropriate, too. You'll often wear a shirt that opens up to reveal your baby bump, so think about the dominant colors in the design and choose a shirt that is a good fit. You don't want to partially undo your artist's talented design by pairing it poorly with your clothing.

Don't: Get Painted Too Early

It's generally a good idea to have your artist paint your baby bump right before you meet with your maternity photographer. Doing so minimizes the risk that you'll smudge the design or otherwise damage it before the photos are taken. You may even want to have your artist meet you at the photography studio in advance of your session so that you can get the work done there.

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