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Reasons To Choose A Gender Neutral Backdrop For Your Children's Photos

If you're having your children's photos taken at a local studio, the backdrop is a detail that you shouldn't overlook. While many parents choose neutral backdrops, others look for backdrops that are a little more vibrant — something that can excite their children and make the process of the photo shoot go more smoothly. You may want to give some thought to the content of the backdrop and, in particular, whether it is gender neutral. Most photo studios can accommodate this request, even if it results in a backdrop that is on the plainer side. Here are some reasons to choose a gender neutral kid's photo backdrop.

It Won't Influence Your Kids

Some parents don't want to influence their children into conforming with certain gender stereotypes. If you're among this group, choosing a gender neutral photo backdrop is likely an idea that resonates with you. For example, if you have a child who might stand in front of a pink backdrop with princesses, you may feel as though this decision could influence the child. Similarly, a child who stands in front of a blue background with trucks or race cars could influence this child. A gender neutral backdrop won't lead to this unfavorable result.

It Won't Upset Those Around You

It's possible that you might not worry too much about gender neutrality, but perhaps some members of your family or people in your group of friends are passionate about this subject. If you were to share photos of your kids in front of certain photo backdrops, this could ignite a debate about this topic. While you have the right to choose whatever scene you want for your children's photos, you might be unwilling to have this debate with people around you. Choosing a neutral backdrop can help you to avoid this discussion.

It Won't Affect Your Kids Later On

If one of your children begins to experience questions about his or her gender in the years that follow the photo shoot, the child could look back on this photo — perhaps because it's displayed in your home — and feel upset that you chose the backdrop that you chose. The last thing that you want to do as a parent is to hurt your child's feelings, even if it's several years from now. With a gender neutral backdrop, you won't have to worry about causing this harm to your child at a time that the child might already be feeling shaky.