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Suggestions For Shooting Wedding Photos In And Around Traffic

There are plenty of wedding photographers who shoot their subjects in metropolitan areas, and this can invite the idea of having your bride and groom stand on the street while you snap some frames. The result can be a powerful image, especially if you keep the shutter open long enough that the passing cars provide a blur effect. There are a few potential issues with shooting photos in this setting, however, so you'll want to take the necessary steps to ensure that everything goes off as intended. Here are some suggestions for you to consider before you set up such a photo shoot.

Check With The Police

Photos taken in and around traffic have the potential to disrupt the flow of vehicles. And, while many motorists won't mind slowing their pace for a moment as you take some shots, there will be others who aren't so understanding. The last thing that you want is for the police to arrive to scold everyone — and perhaps even hand you a ticket — for disrupting the flow of traffic. It's advantageous to contact the police's traffic division in advance of the wedding date to explain your plan and confirm that doing so is acceptable.

Choose The Right Time

If you know the city's traffic situation well, you can come up with an idea of what might be the best time to shoot your shots. For example, if you want an effect with a bunch of cars in the background, you'll need to choose a time at which the traffic is of at least moderate volume, but you may not want to proceed if it's in the middle of rush hour. Consider the time of the wedding and the allotted time for shooting the photos, and proceed accordingly. It may be advantageous to take the images immediately after the ceremony or wait until right before the reception begins, for example.

Have Assistants

While you don't want to get too many people involved in this photo shoot because of the safety risks of people milling around near and on the street, it's useful to recruit an assistant or two who can help you. When you're focused on the happy couple and are looking through your camera, you lack awareness of the scene around you. Having someone on each side of you watching traffic in both directions can let you know when it's safe to shoot, as well as when vehicles are coming that you may wish to get in the background.