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Need A Wedding Photographer And You Don't Know Where To Start? Places To Preview Their Work

Wedding planning is an overwhelming thing. Every aspect of this one big day has to be hand-selected by you. Even if you hire a wedding planner, you still have to meet with the various caterers, cake bakers, DJs, etc., that the planner selects for you. One very big important part of documenting this day is your wedding photography and photographer. If you do not even know where to start with this task, nor do you know where and how you  can preview the body of work that each photographer has, here are some ideas to get you started. 

Wedding Expos

If you have never attended a wedding "expo," then you are in for a real treat. These expo shows are featured inside giant stadiums, with dozens of wedding-related professionals, including photographers. While you sample several cakes from several wedding cake bakers, check out all of the photographers and the photo albums they have on display. If you need any further enticing, brides (and sometimes grooms) get into these expo shows for free. Accompanying friends and family pay a small ticket/entrance fee.

Speaking of weddings, you might not even need to go to an expo. You could ask your friends who have had their weddings recently and as which photographer they used. They might point you to a good local photographer, like Eivan's Photo Inc.

Mall Exhibits

Some shopping malls give photographers the opportunity to display their work. It can be anything from life-size examples on free-standing tri-fold displays to framed wall displays of the best graduation and wedding photography work they have done. If you are going to be in a mall shopping for wedding items anyway, why not take a look around and see if you can spot these displays?

Art Shows and County Fairs

Summer is a time for outdoor art shows and county fairs. A lot of photographers take these opportunities to not only sell some of their work, but also to promote their work and services to brides. It does not take much to spot the booths of photographers either, since photography is very distinct from the rest of the art media shown in art fairs.

At county fairs, the object is to win some prize money and recognition for the photos submitted. Then contact them to see if they are willing to shoot your wedding photos. If you and your fiance(e) already enjoy going to a county fair in the summer, then you can easily spend a few minutes checking on the art and photography exhibits to find a few choice photographers.