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No Wedding Photo Booth Is Complete Without Props — Here Are Some Suggestions

When you're planning a wedding, it's fun to rent a photo booth to allow your guests to snap photos of themselves in entertaining poses. It can be even more fun to inject some props and costumes into the mix to allow peoples' creative sides to really come out, making for photos that are a lot more entertaining for everyone. Once you book the photo booth to rent on your big day, spend some time browsing secondhand stores or $1 stores to pick up some props that people can use. Here are some suggestions.

Face Props

Given that many people position themselves in the photo booth so that the camera mainly captures their faces, think about some ideal face props to pick up. An obvious choice is a number of sets of glasses and sunglasses, including the novelty jumbo kind. A variety of store-bought or homemade mouths on sticks can also be entertaining for your guests to hold up to their faces. Pick mouths with funny expressions, such as those with their tongue hanging out, mouths with accessories such as large mustaches or beards, or a mouth smoking a pipe.


Although some people might not want to risk messing up their hair, many of the guests at the event will enjoy the opportunity to don funny hats for their photos in the rented photo booth. Find a wide assortment of hats that will augment the photos. For example, consider a fireman's helmet, a cowboy hat, a football helmet, a beret, a winter knit cap, a sombrero, a beret, a bonnet, and a pillbox hat. People can pair a face prop with a hat to make a certain look. For example, a mouth on a stick with a handlebar mustache and a cowboy hat can work well together — and it's even funnier if a woman uses these props for a photo.

Other Props

A wide range of other assorted props can make the photos in the photo booth come to life. Some things can be held overhead by the people in the booth; for example, a mini mirror ball makes for a party-like atmosphere, while a mistletoe ornament is ideal for weddings around the holidays. Things such as feather boas in a variety of vibrant colors can also add to the festive feel, while a series of blank cards and permanent markers will allow people to write funny slogans that they can hold up.