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Three Reasons You Want An Automotive Photo Booth Set Up

Selling cars is a competitive business, especially when it comes to selling used cars as buyers of used cars want to find the best deal possible. To help make your cars stand out from the crowd, pictures are extremely important, which is why you should consider having an automotive photo booth set up on your lot strictly used for taking photos of your vehicles. Here are three reasons you want this:

  1. Capture an Audience: When you have high quality photos of your vehicles taken inside of an automotive photo booth with high quality lighting, you are capturing an audience. Your car is going to stand out significantly from those that have just a simple flat background or a background full of other vehicles on the lot. This also makes your car more shareable on social media since people are more willing to repost pictures that are high quality onto their own page to share the vehicle with their own friends. This is a great way to circulate your photo to hopefully gain more intrigued buyers. 
  2. Shows You Care: Having high quality photos of your vehicles also shows that you care about the vehicle and the buyer. Taking the time to take high quality photos rings true to buyers, which makes them more motivated to buy from you versus someone else. Obviously, you should also have the car thoroughly detailed before taking photos just to show another level of care for the vehicles that you sell. With the high quality lighting and professional quality of the photos you can take in an automotive photo booth, all the little details are going to show, so keep that in mind. 
  3. It's Cost Effective: One of the biggest reasons dealers are hesitant about investing in an automotive photo booth is because they are worried that it is going to cost too much. However, it's actually a more cost effective method for promoting the sale of your vehicles. It's a one time investment that you can use for years and it can gain more interested buyers, meaning that you are going to sell more cars faster. Keep in mind that buyers are also willing to buy the car for the price listed if it seems difficult to pass up on their end, which is often the case with high quality photos. 

Be sure that you consider hiring a professional photographer who knows how to work with an automotive photo booth to take the best pictures. This is going to further help with the process of editing and ensuring that you are capturing the car at all the right angles with the best lighting. Contact a service, like Zennonn Enterprises Inc., for more help.