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Tips For Making The Best Yearbook

When you're part of the student committee to make a stellar yearbook for your high school or junior high, you know there's a ton of work that you have to do. Not only do you have to take and edit all the photos, but you also have to work on page design and make your yearbook stand out in some way so that they are appealing to the student body.

Here are some simple tips to help you make the best yearbook ever:

1. Get complete class photos. 

If your school has a company come in to do school photos for every student, make sure that every class has a photo together as well. In order to get classes together (since high school and junior high students may go to different classes through the day), you might do every English class or homeroom classes if you are often grouped in with other students. Don't forget to also get a picture of your yearbook class -- you deserve a picture together in the book you create.

Matching professional class photos makes it easier to see every student, and since these are taken on the same day as individual photos, students will be looking their best.

2. Document the memorable school events. 

Did your school help raise money for a local disaster? Did the band win at a music festival competition? Was every night of the school's fall play sold old? You should have photos and even quotes from students about these events. Don't overlook the "quieter" classes like shop and art -- they also do showcases and events. 

3. Choose a theme.

The easiest way to bring unity to your yearbook is to have a unifying theme. Try and think of something that reflects the changes and unique things that happened during the year. For example, if there is a hit song or very popular movie that came out that everyone loved and listened to, you might take a theme from one of these. Then when people look back, they also remember what was going on at the time.

You could also choose a big local news story or world events to help center your yearbook theme. It all depends on what affected you and your peers the most during the year. The theme can be funny, serious, or lighthearted. 

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