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Don't Be Bland, Three Ways To Decorate Your Wall Without Paint

If you're renting an apartment and the walls are all painted bright white, and in your lease there is a stipulation that you cannot paint the walls, you might be a bit perplexed as to how to change to mood of the space. Bright white is a bit overwhelming for an apartment. When you come home at night, you want to relax, not feel like you're in a sterile office waiting for an appointment. So, here are three ways to add some color to the wall without having to paint over the white walls and break the terms of the lease.

Series Of Photography Art Prints

A very cool idea to consider is to get a series of original photographic art prints and hang them on the wall. There is a lot of wiggle room in regards to the subject. You could choose a series of urban landscapes, bridges ( Golden Gate and Brooklyn, for instance), nature photography (glaciers, forest imagery), or even artistic photography such as abstract bodyscapes. The nice thing about getting a series of photographic art prints from a company like John O'Hagan Photography is that you can add touches of color all over the wall, instead of one large painting or photography right in the center. And, as long as you stick with a similar theme and size, and arrange them in a sensible way, it will look really nice.

A Large Wall Decal

If you're not a fan of paintings or photographic prints, then consider a large wall decal. You can get these that attach to the wall with a semi-adhesive material, so that when it comes time to leave the apartment, you don't have to worry about getting a paint scraper and cleaning up a mess.

You can get a wall decal that looks like a tree, a rose bush, or some other floral design. Or you might like an abstract design. There are also wall decals that mimic the look of birds flying.

A 3 Dimensional Wall Mural

Finally, if you're looking for a single piece to put on the wall, you might like a 3-dimensional wall mural. These are like paintings, but they have a 3-dimensional aspect to them. They can be anything from abstract designs made with salvaged materials, or modernist pieces that are made on digital sculpture software and printed via a 3D printer. You might even include some of the more textured paintings into this category, including some modernist 80s-style paintings where the artist used broken dishes and assorted materials and painted them onto the canvas, creating a extra layer of texture.