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School Pictures: Options You Can Choose As School Principal

School pictures are almost a right of passage each and every school year. Parents love the pictures because they can actually see how their children have grown from year to year. Grandparents love the pictures because they may not get to see the grandkids much. As a school principal, you may not have much say in the school picture photographer that is chosen, but you can put your two cents in in other areas of this topic. Options for your school are as follows.

Once a Year or Twice a Year

Most schools only have their students photographed once a year. However, you can have your students photographed twice a year: once in the fall when school begins, and once more in the spring as the school year comes to a close. The benefits of having two school photography sessions is that everyone can get an updated photo of each of the students (which may be helpful in a crisis situation if a child has physically changed so much that he/she cannot be identified by an older photo), and parents will have a second shot at ordering school pictures if they could not afford to do so in the fall.


Every school selects a different backdrop. In fact, there are even schools within the same district that choose a different backdrop for school pictures. It helps distinguish which years the pictures are being taken as well as which school has which backdrop. In the event that some batches of school photos are accidentally mixed up, the backdrop you choose for your students will help sort out the photos that belong to your school.

Availability of Dates Within a Specified Week

A school picture photographer may be in high demand most of the school year. That said, you may be offered several dates and times within a specific week for your students and school staff to be photographed. This is definitely helpful if you already know that there are several other events scheduled within the same week.


As school principal, you are in charge of where the photographer sets up his/her equipment. If you want the students to file into the gym to have their pictures taken, you can do that. If you would rather have the pictures taken in the multi-purpose room, the music or art room, or any other room in the school, you can direct the photographer to that room.