Learning To Take More Beautiful Pictures

Recording Your Romance -- 4 Tips For Getting The Best Engagement Photos

Documenting your love with engagement photos is the perfect way to begin your wedding season. But capturing all that makes you and your partner's relationship special calls for a photo shoot that's a little out of the ordinary. Here are 4 tips to make your engagement photos really pop.

Personalize the Location. The backdrop of your engagement pictures should reflect what's special to the two of you. It may be a favorite outdoor location, your favorite brewpub, your home together, or the downtown area you like to hang out in. Or you could travel to two or three key locations from your story together -- such as the scene of your first date or first kiss. Personalizing your locales will help you be more comfortable and make the pictures stand out 

Be Open. Working with the photographer can be difficult for some people, so start by chatting with him or her casually. Telling the photographer parts of your journey as a couple and having comfortable conversations together can help you relax and lean into the romance that you want to capture on film. Don't be afraid to express your emotions and react honestly to being with your partner. Being "real" will only help the photographer find your best looks as a couple. 

Save the Day. There's a lot to do before your wedding, but scheduling a romantic photo shoot in the middle of -- or after -- a big day of errands or work is no way to create the best result. Carve out the whole day to devote to the romance of your upcoming nuptials. Have a nice meal, visit a relaxing salon, or take a fun walk in the woods. Then, you'll be in a better place together as a couple to face the camera and let your love for each other shine through. 

Be Comfortable and Confident. When dressing and accessorizing for your shoot, be yourself with a twist. You want to wear clothing that's comfortable but still makes you feel sharp and confident. This may mean your favorite pair of jeans, or it may mean a new suit and a fresh shave. Dressing out of your comfort zone is likely to lead to stiff pictures and less openness. However, when you do choose clothing, avoid patterns and large accessories, since these will take away from focusing on you and your partner's natural beauty. 

By following these few tips for preparing your big day of engagement pictures, you can create the best start to your wedding planning and a great start to your life as a married couple. For more information and tips, contact a professional photographer in your area, such as those at Moorman Photographics.