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Buying A Drone For Your Photography Business: What To Consider

Using a drone for your larger photography gigs, such as weddings or corporate events, is an excellent way to get unique and wide-spread shots of your clients and their guests. If you are thinking of getting a drone make sure you consider a few things first so you can have a successful addition to your business.

Local laws

Every state has laws about using drones for certain purposes. Photography and real estate are a few of the more restricted laws. In order to use a drone for photography and professional use you will want to talk to your local law enforcement agency to make sure you stay within local limits. Limits include the size of the drone you can use, what it's intended purpose is, where you can use it (such as restrictions for public school or church property use) and how high the drone can travel. If you are permitted to use a photography drone in your region, it is a wise idea to get a signed disclaimer from your clients and alert the authorities of the days you will be using it to avoid potential legal hiccups.

Type of drone

You want to buy a drone that has a wide lens for catching a greater shot for group pictures. A drone should also be lightweight, weather resistant, and work well in low lighting. Most drones for commercial and professional use are designed to map out locations, such as agricultural crops, or to cover large areas that are hard to track by foot, and finding one with a camera lens that is clear enough to take professional shots is key. Explore many drone options and take sample pictures with display items before choosing one for your needs.

Client demand

The type of photography you do is one your largest factors you need to consider before buying a drone. If you mainly do family portraits or senior photos or have a niche with newborn photos or nature photography, then you may find yourself not using a drone often enough to buy one versus renting one (and passing the cost on to your client). If a majority of your business is derived from large-scale sessions for weddings, reunions, community events, and more, however, a drone can be a very beneficial expense that allows you to stand out in the community. Examine your goals for your photography business to see if investing in a drone is a wise choice for you. You can always rent or lease one from an electronics store or specialty photography shop instead.