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Capturing The New Family: 3 Tips For Taking Perfect Wedding Photographs With Kids

It's not unusual for couples to go into marriages now with children from a previous relationship. Incorporating the children into the wedding photographs can be quite important for most couples, as they want the photographs to show off the new family life they are about to explore. With the average couple spending roughly 10% to 15% of their total budget on a photographer, you definitely should take a more active role in making sure that you'll be happy with the photographs you receive. Here are 3 tips you should consider.

Scout the Location Ahead of Time

If you're going to be taking wedding photos before the ceremony at a specific location, you'll want to scout the place ahead of time. Don't just choose whatever hot spot may be trending at the moment. If you have young children, you'll want to make sure that the location you choose will keep your children entertained and happy. The location should also have plenty of amenities and utilities nearby for convenience, as you never know when your children absolutely have to go to the washroom.

Consider Hiring More than One Photographer for the Wedding Ceremony

During the wedding ceremony, you might want to hire more than one photographer. If you want your children to be a focal point in some of your photographs, you should designate a wedding photographer to that specific role. Keep in mind that following young children around is not easy. The photographer may need to be constantly crouching down in order to get good shots of your children; however, this position may not be ideal for capturing you and your guests. The other photographer can focus on taking photos of the guests, the ceremony, and you and your spouse.

Find a Photographer Comfortable with Taking Action Shots

The key to getting amazing wedding photographs is to find a photographer who simply works well with the family. Don't just hire anyone you find online or at a wedding boutique. Meet several wedding photographers with your children and see how well the photographers are able to communicate and socialize with your children. You want to find professionals that allow your children to feel at ease, as these photographers are going to capture the most genuine shots.

The wedding ceremony is not just for you and your partner. It's also for you and your children as well since they are embarking in a new journey with big changes on the horizon. Because of this reason, make sure to include your children in your wedding photographs.